Contest Rules

Georgia Sports Writers Association

Writing Contest Rules

All entrants must be members of the GSWA. Membership is $15 per person per year.

Articles must be published between Jan. 1, 2018 and Dec. 31, 2018.

Articles may be printed or published in an online format.

All contest material must reach contest coordinator Claude Felton at the University of Georgia by March 1.

Entry fee is $5 per story, column, section, etc.

There is no limitation on entries.


To enter follow these guidelines:

1. Paste or tape your stories (you may use actual newspapers, high-quality photocopies or computer printouts) to a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Remove

all headlines, photos, cutlines, any references to your newspaper and your byline.

2. Using a STAPLE (not a paper clip, glue or paste), attach a cover sheet to your entry. This should include your name, publication, division and category,

along with the general subject of the story, and the publication date, should be on the page.


Cover Sheet Example

Name: Stan Awtrey

Newspaper: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Division I

Category 1-A

Subject: Trevor Immelman wins the Masters.

Published: April 12, 2008


3. Sections just need to have a cover sheet that includes the editor’s name, publication, division and category.

Section cover sheet example:

Name: Jim O’Hara

Newspaper: Rome News-Tribune

Division II

Category: 8


Send the material to:

Regular mail:

Claude Felton

Georgia Athletic Assn.

PO Box 1472

Athens, GA 30603-1472


UPS or FedEx:

Claude Felton

Georgia Athletic Assn.

Room 201 Butts-Mehre Building

1 Selig Circle

Athens, GA 30602





Division I: 30,000-plus daily circulation and all electronic outlets

Division II: 30,000 or less daily circulation

Division III: Non-daily publications – weeklies, twice-weeklies


Categories for Division I and II

Definition: This category is for game stories

1-A. Best sports event story on deadline, professional or college

1-B. Best sports event story on deadline, high school

Definition: For breaking news – hirings, firings, trades, etc.

2-A. Best sports news story on deadline, professional or college

2-B. Best sports news story on deadline, high school

Definition: Features, also includes enterprise

3-A. Best feature story or series, professional or college

3-B. feature story or series, high school


4. Best column (this is for individual columns)

5. Best columnist (submit three columns, no mandatory dates)

6. Outdoor writing (fishing, hunting, running, etc.) and Amateur, non-scholastic (non-high school or college)

7. Best section (submit three sections)

8. Best Sunday section (submit three sections)

9. Best special section


Categories for Division III

1. Best local event story

2. Best local news story

3. Best local feature story

4. Best column

5. Best photo

6. Best section

7. Best special section


Furman Bisher Sweepstakes Award

The story deemed the best in classification by the judges will be declared the

winner of the Furman Bisher Sweepstakes Award. A cash prize will be awarded to

the winner.

Note: Judges reserve the right to not give a sweepstakes award in

any category based on participation or lack of qualified entries.

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